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Game Mode Super Blitz
Bot Lanes 5
Turrets per Team 17
Bot Spawners per Team 0
Neutral Bot Spawners 0
Jump Pads 11
Regenitol Vendors 2
Metabolightning Vendors 1
Spunky Vendors 2
Ejectors 4
Other Hazards 2x Fuzz, 2x Shelly
Jungle Type No jungle

The Helios Dome is the first arena released for the Blitz mode in Super MNC. It has a circular shape with bots spawning at any of the five entrances and then either taking the lane left or right of them.

Four jump pads lead from the center to the upper catwalk that is home to Shelly switches, the Annihilator and ranged bots that can quickly tear your turrets or Moneyball down.


At it's bottom end does the map feature two pre-built lvl 1 Longshot turrets that should be upgraded as soon as possible. A proven strategy is to have Rock-It turrets at the inner circle around the Moneyball and Rock-Its and ShaveIce turrets at the outer circle.

It is advised to have one player dedicated to be on the upper area of the map to take care of any Gapshots that may appear there past wave 10 and to also be in control of the Annihilator and Shelly hazards.


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