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Adoration of the AI is a skill employed by Leo in Super Monday Night Combat, in which he deploys a drillcopter that latches on to any nearby enemy bots; once attached the bot changes teams and allies with Leo's team. The skill is activated by pressing the "E" key on your keyboard. The bot being controlled changes its color to match its new team. In addition the bot being controlled gets fully healed, after which the bot seeks out the nearest enemy Pro; this involves leaving the track that it is normally restricted to. The bot can be manually detonated by pressing the skill use button a second time while the drillcopter is attached to a bot. It is best advised to use this when the blast will maximize damage output such as when it's near a group of bots or Pros. Once the bot has been taken control of it can not be reverted through the use of an enemy drillcopter.

The drillcopter can not be used against bots that have been bought by other enemy players. If the drillcopter can not find an enemy bot to attach to it will detonate after about 5 seconds. This can be used to deal a decent amount of area damage even when there are not any bots around.

As Adoration of the AI is leveled it decreases the cooldown rate, and allows additional types of bots to be controlled:

The drillcopter cannot be used to control the Jackbot XL bots, however.

One good use for the drillcopter is to eliminate enemy bots quickly such as in the case of the Fuji bots as you can control them and instantly destroy them, removing a strong bot from the lane.

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