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The Annihilator is a floating orb-like object hovering about the center of the arena. It is activated at a switch with an exclamation mark surrounded by electricity symbols. It costs $250 per use, after which it takes about three minutes for it to recharge. When activated, the device itself rains lightning bolts down on the arena. Its effects are the following:

  • It destroys all enemy Bots on the field except Jackbots.
  • It weakens enemy Jackbots to about 25% health. Jackbots already damaged by at least 25% will be destroyed.
  • In Crossfire, it lightly damages all enemy Pros. Critically weak Pros can be killed by this, crediting the Pro activating the device with an Annihilator Kill.
The Annihilator is available for use immediately in a Blitz while it starts discharged in a Crossfire match and has to undergo its three-minute charging sequence before any Pro can use it.


  • The Annihilator can drastically change the current outlook of the game, depending when it is used.
  • There is an Annihilator in Blitz, so make sure to use it to your advantage.
  • According to Uber Entertainment art director Chandana "Eka" Ekanayake, the Annihilator was originally going to be called the "Lazer Funball." Unused files in the game still make reference to this name.
  • Be careful when attempting to use the Annihilator. If a player dies before their character animation hits the button, the Annihilator will not fire but the player will still be out the $250 fee and another player will still be able to hit it.

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