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Like many competitive shooting games, players in Monday Night Combat have a finite amount of Armor (interchangeably "Health" and "HP") which governs how much damage they can take from enemies before dying. Each player class has a different amount of armor when spawning, although Endorsements, Juice, and Overhealing can all increase a player's starting armor.

The player's armor level is represented on their screen by an armor/health bar that changes in color and size as their armor decreases. The health bar only shows on a player's screen when they have less than full health or have been Overhealed. A missing health bar implies that the player is at normal health.

When a player is hit by an enemy's attack, their armor decreases depending on several factors, including the strength, distance, and position of the attack. A player's armor will only increase when they avoid all damage for a period of time, or are healed by a friendly Support's Heal/Hurt Gun or Level 3 Firebase; when avoiding damage, the player's armor will increase at a fixed rate according to their Health Recovery stat.

Default Armor levels Edit

Each class starts with a different amount of armor depending on class type. Armor Endorsements may increase a player's armor level beyond its starting values. Note that many default classes use armor Endorsements.

Endorsements Edit

Armor Endorsements directly aid a Pro's survivability by increasing the amount of damage the Pro can take before dying. Note that, as of a March 10 update, the endorsement formula in the Steam version has been altered so that weaker classes do not receive as strong an improvement with Armor Endorsements.

Besides the general usefulness of living longer, armor enhancements enable many classes to live through situations that previously meant certain death. For example, an Assault can live through an Assassin's back-grapple with a gold armor enhancement, at least until the Assassin unlocks the Sword weapon. Similarly, an Assassin will herself live through an Assault's level 3 Charge grapple only if she carries a gold armor enhancement.

Endorsement levels Edit

Bronze Silver Gold
Survivitol symbol Steel Peel symbol Gobi Numb symbol
Survivitol Steel Peel Gobi Numb
+75 Health

(+100 Health for Tanks and Gunners)

Whatever happens you have got, Survivitol and they have not!

Have a lot of enemies? Explosive temper? Cheating on a spouse? Survivitol brand health elixirs may be your ticket to a long and healthy life. Survive it all with Survivitol!

+150 Health

(+200 Health for Tanks and Gunners)

No one can resist a Steel Peel man!

Looking for added protection from projectiles, shrapnel AND body odor? Want to be desired by the opposite sex? Unconcerned by the possibility of suffering cardiac arrhythmia upon application? Try Steel Peel body spray. Now in convenient travel size.

+225 Health for Assassins and Snipers

+250 Health for Assaults and Supports +300 Health for Tanks and Gunners

GobiNumb Extra Strength! Why heal it when you don’t have to feel it?

Stopping to take health boosts during combat wastes valuable seconds while armor just weighs you down. GobiNumb’s Extra Strength formulated neurotoxins block out the pain so you don’t feel it until hours, if not days later. Trust the neurotoxin that pros use, trust GobiNumb brand pain deferments.

Trivia Edit

  • The Assault will occasionally say "Someone get me some Survivitol, PLEASE!" or, "Can I get some milk, with a little Survivitol please?" upon death.
  • The Support occasionally may say "STEEL PEEL..." as he dies