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A semi-rapidfire crossbow that fires out 3 projectiles that spread out in a V shape as they fly, with a clipsize of 5 and a reasonably fast reload.

The projectiles have no damage falloff, and will always do maximum damage at any range. Because of spread, its potential damage reduces to a third for long range shots, as only the middle projectile flies in a straight line from the balestra. This can however be exploited for long range sniping, or trick-shots involving multiple targets, so it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Accuracy Endorsements can reduce this projectile spread, making them an interesting choice for Leo, although not a priority.

Like all secondary weapons, the alternate fire is a standard grapple, with a relatively lengthy animation, making it somewhat risky to use on your own. It can however provide time for an ally to arrive to support you, and is very useful during team fights to keep a target from escaping.

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