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Megabeth's secondary weapon is a semi-automatic paintball gun, modified to fire hardened ball-bearings. It loads 20 bearings by default and takes 1 second to reload (If the reload is broken after 0.66 seconds Megabeth is still rewarded the reload). The Bearing Hates has significant damage fall-off, and each shot can ricochet once off of enemy Pros, Bots, Turrets and Arena surfaces.

  • Primary fire: Every 0.2 seconds it fires a ball bearing that does 27 damage. Up to the range of 1024 units it does full damage and after the range 2048 range it only does 2 damage. The ball bearings can each ricochet once.
  • Secondary fire: Megabeth grapples the enemy target, doing 200 damage to him/her and throwing him/her forward 1500 units.

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