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A Support facing a Bot Spawner in a Blitz.

Bot Spawners are an Arena feature common to all Arenas and game types (Crossfire and all forms of Blitz). They are large, one-way doors from which the various Bots in Monday Night Combat emerge.


For details on when and what Bots spawn in a specific Blitz mode, see Exhibition, Season, Playoff, Scramble, Sudden Death, Super Sudden Death.

The Bot Spawners in Blitz produce Bot-after-Bot for each round of play. Depending on the number of players and the Blitz difficulty, there can be anywhere between one and six active Bot Spawners in Blitz; when they all get going, they can put out a ridiculous number of Bots at once.


In Crossfire matches there are two Bot Spawners that spawn a combinations of Slims and Black Jacks three at a time every five to ten seconds. In Spunky Cola Arena, Bouncers spawn automatically starting roughly five minutes into the match; they replace of one set of three Bots. A Jackbot spawns for each team once every five minutes from one spawn only (usually in such a way that opposing Jackbots don't encounter each other). During Overtime, though, Jackbots spawn constantly from both spawns.

When playing a Crossfire match, players can spawn Bots by using the Bot Spawn switches (noted with a Black Jack graphic) located near each Spawner. Each Pro spawns a specific kind of bot. It costs $100, and the switch requires 30 seconds to recharge before it can be used again.

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