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A semi-automatic grenade launcher built into Karl's forearm with a 4-shot magazine and a reload duration of 1.75 (If the reload is broken after 0.8 seconds Karl is still rewarded the reload) seconds by default. Launches highly-elastic explosives that bounce off of arena surfaces and bounce up once (while still staying in the same horizontal axis) from any floor surface they hit. The grenades do not explode on contact; only after their timed fuse expires.

  • Primary fire: Karl fires a grenade (Bouncing Buddy) every 0.25 seconds that does 70 damage. The grenade will explode after 1.5 seconds in case it doesn't hit an object. If it does hit an object and bounce, it explodes after 1 second. The Bouncing Buddies will deal full AoE damage in 128 units and decreased damage between 128 and 256 units.
  • Secondary fire: Karl grapples the enemy target, doing 200 damage to it and throwing it forward 1500 units. The cooldown of the grapple is 6 seconds.

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