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Bullet Gorge
Game Mode Super Crossfire, Turbocross
Bot Lanes 2
Turrets per Team 6
Bot Spawners per Team 4
Neutral Bot Spawners 4
Jump Pads 16
Regenitol Vendors 8
Metabolightning Vendors 4
Spunky Vendors 4
Ejectors 2
Other Hazards None
Jungle Type High above lanes, lots of corners and covering a large part of the map.

Bullet Gorge is a middle sized map, most recognized for the two opposite bridges that serve as lanes for the Bots, and its considerably small jungle. Because of the small map size, the presence of many corners, and how its middle area has many stage-out opportunities, Strikers, Defenders, and especially Captain Spark are often times the more dominant Pros when this map comes in play.

The map consists of two open bridges, with an Ejector on each bridge. Each Ejector has two buttons, one for every other end of the bridge, which share the same cooldown. The Annihilator is located on the second floor in the middle of the map, where two short walls and two long transparent walls are also located. The Neutral Bot Spawners are located at the far left and far right of the map.

For both teams, the right lane consists of a Turret near the bridge, just behind a wall perpendicular to the bridge. The second Turret is located at a further location, pretty near with the third Rocket Turrets.

The left lane's first Turret is met in a small rectangular open room. A good technique in taking out this Turret is going up to the Jungle and shoot the Turret at a point where it can't shoot back. It also consists of the Bouncer and Black Jack Bot Spawners. The second Turret is located very near with the first, and is seen and exposed even from the Bot Spawners.

The map has the least amount of Jump Pads, having only three on each side of the team. One is located in the middle, just between the two bridges. Another is located near the second Turret. The last is located on the far left just before you enter the rectangular room, oftentimes isolated due to its inconspicuous location.


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