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The following is a list of quotes and catchphrases used by Captain Spark in Super Monday Night Combat.


Juice FullEdit

  • All charged up! (two versions)

Juice ActivatedEdit

  • Time to let loose with the juice! (two versions)


Pro KilledEdit

  • Zzzapped!
  • Meanwhile... you're dead! Ha Ha...
  • Thanks for... keeping current! (two versions)
  • I'm simply pulsing with excitement after that kill!
  • Consider yourself... discharged!
  • Let that be a lesson to you... or... uh, your next-of-kin? Whatever!
  • Electrifying, no?
  • You're grounded! (four versions)
  • How illuminating! (two versions)
  • That'll shed some light on things! Ha-ha! Er... light is generally provided for - by - electricity... (three versions)

Ring OutEdit

  • Looks like everything's falling into place! (two versions)
  • You fail to appreciate the gravity of your situation! (two versions)
  • I'm sorry...
  • You're grounded!


  • Why can't they teach us something practical? Like wall-crawling, or pheremone manipulation?
  • Wish I'd had these skills when I fought the Balloon Master! Guy had a goddamned balloon for everything I did... (two versions)

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