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"Uh oh! Flaming churro! Some people think that's bad. I say gimme two...that's what I say." ~ Mickey Cantor

Churros are a pickup introduced with the Spunky Cola Special DLC. They give the player a quick Health and Skill Recovery boost. A Churro quickly restores a fifth of of your skills and up to 300 health, but will not overheal you. Unlike Bacon, Churros are much more common as they can drop from almost any bot, but more commonly from Black Jacks.

The Churro is a snack made out of fried dough that originated in Spain, though it has since spread across the planet. They are usually eaten for breakfast and dipped in hot chocolate. For more information, see wikipedia's article about them.

Super MNCEdit

Churros, mechanically, work the same as they did in Monday Night Combat. But in Super MNC, only certain bots will drop churros in specified amounts. So if you're low on health or have skills recharging and see a below bot, you have a guaranteed Churro on your hands. The following bots drop Churros:

  • Black Jacks drop one Churro, three coins, and an armor shard.
  • Bouncers drop one Churro, five coins, three armor shards, and two juice boxes.
  • Gremlins drop one Churro and one coin.
  • Jackbots drop two Churros, four coins, five armor shards, five speed pick ups, two juice boxes, and one random item.

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