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TeamSpirit Steel

Colored Weapons were originally introduced in Rule Changes 28. They were placed in the store with a price tag of $10 USD. After negative feedback by the community, Uber Ent removed them from the store and placed the "Classic" quality on all previously acquired versions. However, they left the possibility of receiving a classic version of the weapon in the drop system as well. The weapons have since been removed from the drop system, currently making trading the only way of obtaining them.

The four colors of weapons were TeamSpirit Steel, TeamSpirit Blush, Merry Metal/Green Sheen, and Berry Blush/Rose Pearl.


TeamSpirit Blush


Merry Metal


Berry Blush

The only classes to receive colored weapons were Cheston, Combat Girl, Gunslinger, Megabeth, Support, Veteran, and Wascot. Combat Girl and Megabeth were given colored versions of both their primary and secondary weapons, whereas the other five pros had a only one weapon given reskins. Gunslinger's Love Pistol was given only the Rose Pearl skin, and it was obtainable only by drop for a short amount of time.

The following is a list of the weapons that that were given colored reskins:

  • Cheston: Tommygun
  • Combat Girl: Combat Healer and Nailgun
  • Gunslinger: Love Pistol
  • Megabeth: Rocket Ma'am and Bearing Hates
  • Support: Shotgun
  • Veteran: Hotseat
  • Wascot: Heart Breaker

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