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Clip Size Endorsements increase the number of rounds most weapons can fire before they must be reloaded. Weapons that do not use ammunition -- notably the Support's Heal/Hurt Gun and the Assassin's Dagger/Sword -- do not benefit from these endorsements.

Endorsement Levels Edit

Bronze Silver Gold
Hipclip symbol Round Hound symbol AmmoMule symbol
Hipclip Round Hound AmmoMule
+40% Clip Size

Hipclip. Open fire today, reload tomorrow.

The HipClip guarantee:If you have to reload more than once in any twenty-four hour period we’ll give you a full refund.

+60% Clip Size

Round Hound. Less shooting. More looting. That's the Round Hound promise.

You suck your food through a hose, why not your weapon?

+100% Clip Size

AmmoMule! Keep your Ammo Cool and Your Bacon Hot! Official combat cooler of Monday Night Combat.

Want to stop embarrassing reloads BEFORE they happen? Try AmmoMule!

Trivia Edit

  • AmmoMule is the sponsor of AmmoMule Arena.
  • As of the Spunky Cola Special DLC AmmoMule will be the only arena sponsor without a competing sponsor (GrenADE III competes with Spunky Cola, Steel Peel with Survititol, and Sprintz with LaseRazor).

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