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Combat Kitty
SMNC Combat Kitties Concept Art 1
Pro's Information
Used by: Combat Girl
Slot: Two
Skill Type: Turret
Skill Levels
Level 1: One Kitty
Level 2: Two Kitties; Improved Cooldown and Firepower
Level 3: Three Kitties; Better Cooldown and Firepower
Level 4: Four Kitties; Best Cooldown and Firepower

Combat Kitties are a skill employed by the Combat Girl in Super Monday Night Combat. They appear as chrome-and-team-colored drones, with a vaguely cat-like appearance, and will play robotic cat-like noises when engaged. They meow when deployed, yowl when attacking or destroyed, and their gunfire sounds vaguely like purring. Though similar to the Firebase employed by Supports, Combat Kitties differ in a few key aspects.

Combat Kitties will stick to walls and ceilings; Firebases are limited to Arena floors. This feature allows CombatGirl to employ sneaky tactics like sticking a Combat Kitty to the underside of the 'Jungle' deck. It is a well-documented fact that human beings (as a general rule) do not make a habit of looking up.

CombatGirl may also deploy up to 4 kitties at a time, depending on the level of her Combat Kitty skill. A Support only ever has one Firebase, and further levels in it only upgrade the turret's firepower. However, each individual kitty has much lower attack power than a Firebase; to match them shot-for-shot, multiple Combat Kitties would have to fire on the same target. Additionally, each kitty has much less health than a Firebase.

To offset their weaker firepower and lower health, Kitties set up and begin shooting much sooner than a Firebase. Firebases take roughly 3-4 seconds to set up, regardless of the level in the Support's skill. However, Firebases remain on the field until moved or destroyed; Combat Kitties self-destruct when CombatGirl is killed. However, Combat Kitties have a much shorter cooldown than a Firebase, especially at higher levels. This, combined with the ability to deploy up to four of them, makes moving them around (and keeping the enemy guessing) much easier than with the Support's Firebase.

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