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Critical Shot Endorsements increase the chance each of your attacks will be a Critical Shot and the critical multiplier. Critical Shots can be identified by the purple bullet tracers that they leave behind (or purple beam in the case of the Support's Heal/Hurt Gun). In the Xbox 360 version, the Assassin starts with a silver Critical Shot Endorsement and the Sniper starts with a gold Critical Shot Endorsement. Not having a Critical Shot Endorsement will not disable you from pulling off a Headshot.

Endorsement LevelsEdit

Bronze Silver Gold
Uncle Tully's symbol Uncle Tap's symbol Achille's Ocular Implants symbol
Uncle Tully's
Original Organ Highlighters
Uncle Tap's Original
Original Organ Highlighters
Achille's Ocular Implants
+2% Critical Shot Chance

+10% Critical Damage

Kinda like what doctors use. Only for shootin’.

Uncle Tully: “The only way to git a better look without spendin’ more is with a knife and a carcass spreader. I guarantee it.”

+3% Critical Shot Chance

+15% Critical Damage

Don’t be fooled by imitators who turn their back over their own kinfolk over a woman.

Uncle Tap: "Tully, if yer readin’ this: I’m sorry. You were right, she ain’t worth a burnt out match on the Fourth of July. Please, just call me."

+5% Critical Shot Chance

+25% Critical Damage

Achille's!!! If the mind is your enemy's greatest weapon, all the more reason to shoot them in head.

Our disposable ocular implants include full-scale real time anatomical maps of the opponent of your choosing. Achille’s brand ocular implants are NOT void where prohibited. Do you hear that, Vermont? Go suck an egg.

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