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An Ejector panel as seen from above.


An Ejector switch ready to use.

Ejectors are devices found on all Arenas which, when activated, "eject" all enemy Bots and Pros from the Ejector's area of influence. At a cost of $50 ($250 in SMNC), Ejectors may seem a frivolous expense to newer players but can be very effective bot-pushing tools in the hands of a veteran.

To activate an Ejector, a player must use a switch located elsewhere (usually on a higher level), which will then trigger the Ejector itself; once used, the Ejector switch turns red, indicating the Ejector has to recharge (which takes about 30 seconds) before it can be used again. By aiming at the icon before using it, a player can see the area that the Ejector affects when activated. The Ejector damages all enemies and pushes them away from the center of the Ejector panel. When multiple switches activate the same Ejector, using any of the switches turns all the switches red.

Strategy Edit

Ejectors serve three primary purposes:

  • Cause initial damage to enemy Pros within the Ejector's area of effect. The damage is not enough to destroy any full-health Pro.
  • Slow an enemy's advance by damaging all Bots in the area (only Slims will be destroyed at full health) and, more importantly, scattering groups of Bots and pushing them off track. This is very handy if it means your own Bots can advance past them as a result.
  • Attempt to Ring Out enemy Pros. The $75 bonus for Ring Out can make this a profitable venture; Ringing Out a single Pro will more than pay for the Ejector use. The Ejectors in LaseRazor Arena and GrenADE III Arena are well-positioned for Ring Outs.
  • Ejectors can one shot kill an enemy Sniper who is not wearing any armor Endorsements & is easy too because they are usually too focused on zooming in to notice the kind of situation they are in.