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Exploding Barrel
Pro's Information
Used by: Cheston
Slot: One
Skill Type: Grenade
Skill Levels
Level 1: A Flaming Barrel That Explodes on Impact
Level 2: Improved Damage and Cooldown
Level 3: Better Damage and Cooldown
Level 4: Best Damage and Cooldown

The Exploding Barrel is a Cheston skill that prompts him to chuck an explosive barrel with a lit fuse in a straight line. When the barrel collides with anything solid, or is thrown from an angle, it will explode, dealing damage to anyone caught in the radius and setting Pros on fire. The barrel is activated by pressing the "LShift" key. The barrel has a slight delay before it is thrown into the world, making it easy to throw into a wall and harm himself if not careful. Barrels can be thrown at upper and lower angles, allowing for more sophisticated barrel tosses that would otherwise be impeded by walls or bots.

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