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Sniper on Fire

Ow! That's hot!

A Pro that has been set on Fire is clearly visible due to their head being surrounded by a team-coloured flame, while their armor is covered in black ash.

Things that can set a Pro on Fire are:

  • A Tank's Jet Gun & Death Blossom
  • An Assault's Bomb explosion
  • The Jump Jets from both the Gunner and the Tank, if you are right behind them.
  • The holographic signs in front of each Bot Spawner, if you happen to jump through them.
  • The heat vents atop places like the Bot Spawners & the main entrance of each team's base (set intentionally to prevent camping in exceedingly advantageous places).

Once you are set on Fire, you will continue to burn and take damage for several seconds; the length can vary depending on how long you were exposed to flame. Once the ashes fall away, you stop burning. If you run out of health before then, the Pro who burned you will be credited for a Burn Kill (with a corresponding burning hand kill icon).

While Assassins can still Cloak while on Fire, the flame on their head will show through the Cloak.

The quickest way to douse a flame is to get a Support to use his Heal/Hurt Gun on you. This not only helps to undo the damage but also decreases the time you'll spend burning.

If you catch fire three times before dying, you can earn the "Feel The Burn" Highlight. While possible to achieve in Crossfire, it's safer and easier to earn this in a Blitz using a character capable of reaching the heat vent atop your base.

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