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Pro's Information
Used by: Sniper
Slot: One (Blue)
Skill Type: Grenade
Skill Levels
Level 1: Continually damages all targets within its radius
Level 2: Increased Flak Radius and Damage
Level 3: Further Increased Flak Radius and Damage

The Sniper's Flak is his blue skill, and creates a temporary field of damage. The Sniper throws a grenade that then floats in midair and will constantly emit flak that will damage any targets within its radius of influence, including the sniper himself. Useful for damaging groups of Bots, destroying turrets, and even driving enemy Pros out of cover. A level 2 Flak upgrade increases the radius and damage of the flak field. A level 3 Flak upgrade increases the radius and damage of the flak field even more.

  • Using a Flak grenade when someone is trapped will either cause severe damage or even kill them depending on the level of the skill.
  • Throwing a Flak grenade around one of your own Traps will activate the Trap if the Flak is within its field of effect, so be careful not throwing them too close to each other.
  • If you see a Support camping by his Firebase in a corner your best option is to throw a trap in that corner, so he won't escape, and throw a Flak granade. That will cause severe damage and even kill both the turret and the pro.
  • Be careful when positioning your Flak as it can be as deadly to you as it is to your enemies.

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