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SMNC Hotshot FujiBot
Unstoppable force, meet the unrelenting object.
Type Lane Bot
Armor Heavy armor
Damage Heavy ranged damage
Special None

FujiBots are a common bot mob that occasionally spawns in place of the Shady Bots, comprise a significant portion of Super Crossfire's lane traffic, and exclusive to Super Monday Night Combat. FujiBots have the highest armor and damage output of the 'common' bot mobs, save obviously for the Jackbot XL.

They can also be spawned from each of your team's bot spawners along with two Scramblers for 500 cash.

FujiBots have no limbs, except for a pair of tiny metal stabilizers at the bottom of their body, which serve to keep their top-heavy form upright. The FujiBot's only means of attack is the slow-firing, high-power cannon mounted in the center of its torso. This weapon, combined with the FujiBot's heavy armor, makes them the preferred bot for assaulting enemy Turrets. If nothing else, the FujiBot 'tanks' damage from the turrets, allowing the faster, weaker Slim Bots and Shady Bots to gang up on them.

Like all bots, they are susceptible to headshots; their slow speed and extremely predictable movement make headshots a breeze. As such, Sharpshooters are the preferred class for taking down FujiBots, as they can inflict massive damage on them in a short period of time.


  • Based on their name, shape, size, and the 'top-knot' antenna protruding from the back of its head, the FujiBot appears to be modeled after Japanese Sumo wrestlers.

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