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GG Stack
GG Stack
Greg Stackhouse as GG Stack

GG Stack is along with Chip Valvano one of the two new Super MNC commentators to replace Mickey Cantor.

He is voiced and performed by Greg Stackhouse, Associate Producer at Uber Entertainment.

fictional Character Bio / informationEdit

  • Married his wife Lisa nicknamed Shelly in grenade III arena
  • Divorced his wife 3 months later as "She was kicking my moneyball" even after the divorce its suggested he had to pay a fair amout to her and has to pay her child support towards his sons one of which is apparently school age but refuses to go and keeps being fired from jobs, the other is a 25 year old who has no job but watches internet cartoons all day.
  • Is the Least valued announcer by the Super Monday Night Combat executive board.
  • Is presently in an as yet unknown relationship arrangement either with a life size inflatable doll or a dog or possibly a serious Monday Night Combat fan
  • Suffers from confidence issues
  • Hosts orgies at his home
  • Has a pet cat who he dotes over
  • Owns an actual dog which him and his wife got, who is presently dying and is the subject of a custody battle with his wife.



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