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Grenade III.XIV
Game Mode Super Crossfire, Turbocross
Bot Lanes 2
Turrets per Team 6
Bot Spawners per Team 8
Neutral Bot Spawners 8
Jump Pads 26
Regenitol Vendors 4
Metabolightning Vendors 4
Spunky Vendors 2
Ejectors 5
Other Hazards None
Jungle Type No dedicated Jungle, neutral bots spawn on lane level.

Also known as "Pineapple Pi", this is the original Monday Night Combat Grenade 3 arena that has been updated to fit the gameplay of Super MNC. It's in the rotation for Super Crossfire, Turbocross, and in the map select for any custom game.


Getting the Annihilator is extremely risky on Grenade III. It is situated on a platform in the center of the map, covered by an Ejector that can be activated from four switches on the surrounding ledges. It is advised to have a team mate activate the Ejector to clear it when you are going to activate the Annihilator, as the Ejector only has a 10 seconds cooldown and you might not make it in time to the platform otherwise.


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