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Gun Mountain
SMNC GunMountain04
Game Mode Super Crossfire, Turbocross
Bot Lanes 2
Turrets per Team 6
Bot Spawners per Team 4
Neutral Bot Spawners 4
Jump Pads 18
Regenitol Vendors 4
Metabolightning Vendors 4
Spunky Vendors 4
Ejectors 0
Other Hazards Shelly Cannons
Jungle Type Small open area below lanes

Gun Mountain is the fourth map currently available for the Super Crossfire and Turbocross gamemodes.

It's open layout and the centralised and easily accessible Annihilator are inspired by the AmmoMule Arena from original MNC


The Jungle in Gun Mountain is below the map and has a glass floor. The only way to get up again is by purchasing Jump Pads for 100$ each. The Annihilator is NOT located in the jungle on this map, instead it's in the middle of the map on the same level as the bot lanes, and is accessible from both base areas and bot lanes. It's also possible to harass players from the walkways above the annihilator.


Gun Mountain features a new hazard: The Shelly Cannons. They are the giant guns of Gun Mountain. They cost $750, recharge every 2 1/2 minutes, and will shell the entire bot lane on its side of the map. Shells are quite slow and fire in an arc, and they can be shot out of the air with ranged weapons.


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