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The following is a list of quotes and catch-phrases used by the Gunner in Monday Night Combat.


Choosing SkillEdit

  • "Gnarlacious!"
  • "Ace cool, brah."
  • "Shaka."
  • "Swwweet, bruddah."
  • "Ehee, crankin'!"
  • "Way sick!"
  • "Gnarly, Charlie!"

Affected by ShaveIceEdit

  • "Oh, brah, it's cold."

On FireEdit

  • "Brah, this is as hot as a luau!"
  • "Brah! I'm hotter than a pig in a luau!"
  • "Brah! My girlfriend always told me I was hot, but this is ridiculous!"
  • "Woah! I'm hotter that a pig in a luau! Cut that out!


  • Full Juice: "Wiki wiki! Hurry up!"
  • Juiced Up: "Hoo-hooh! We're cooking now!"

Kills and AssistsEdit

  • Ring Out: "A hui kaua! Until we meet again!"
  • Ring Out: "Warm aloha!"
  • "Go with joy!"
  • "Become one with Kai, brah."


  • "Be less like the buoy, more like the bluefin."
  • "It's the wounded dolphin that leap the highest."
  • "The coral waxes, the palm grows, but man departs."
  • "And I will show that nothing can happen more beautiful than death."
  • "Caught in a fishnet today, brah."
  • "Oh. That's a hard rub, homes."
  • "Oh, getting my lumps today, bruddah."
  • "Oh, hard hit!"
  • "Lame-o."
  • "Weak..."


  • When using the Mortar Launcher grapple: "Sorry, bruddah."
  • When getting healed: "Sweet, brudda."
  • When Bullseye/Juice Bot exits: "Kolohe!" (Hawaiian: "What a rascal!")
  • When exiting from the Deploy skill: "Mahalo!" (Hawaiian: "Thanks!")

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