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Pro's Information
Used by: Gunner
Slot: Three (Red)
Skill Type: Grapple
Skill Levels
Level 1: Minor Damage
Knocks Down Target
Level 2: Increased Damage
Short Throw
Level 3: Further Increased Damage
Increased Throw Distance

The Gunner's Grapple is his red skill, allowing him to quickly grapple a nearby enemy Bots or Pros with either of his weapons equipped, using his weapon like a club. At its basic level, the Grapple will club the enemy over the head, damaging the enemy and knocking them to the ground. Upgrading to level 2 makes the Gunner swing his weapon at them like a baseball bat, turning the grapple into an effective throw. At its maximum level, the Grapple inflicts significant damage and can easily Ring Out an enemy Pro when positioned properly. It's most useful when the Minigun needs reloading and the target is too close to safely use the Mortar Launcher. It's also useful when the Mortar Launcher grapple is still recharging or the Gunner needs to grapple while still having the Minigun out (for example, handling a Pro encounter while clearing a Bot lane).