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"Their turret is-a mine now! Ha-ha-ha!" ~ Support

Support hacking
Pro's Information
Used by: Support
Slot: One (Blue)
Skill Type: Buff
Skill Levels
Level 1: 8-Second Hack
Improves Turret Range
Level 2: 5-Second Hack
Better Turret Improvements
Long-Lasting Hack
Level 3: 3-Second Hack
Even Better Improvements
Hijacks Enemy Turrets
Longer-Lasting Hack

The Support's Hack is his Slot One (Blue) skill, and allows him to manually alter the programming of Turrets and their own Firebase to enhance their performance. With a Hack, a Turret's range and firing rate improve; however, 'stop-gap' programming eventually breaks down, and the benefits of a Hack wear off after a period of time. However, as the Support upgrades his Hacking, the better the Hack becomes, and the longer it lasts. At Level 1, Hacking takes 8 seconds to complete, and slightly increases the firing range of a turret for two and half minutes. Upgraded to Level 2, a Hack takes 5 seconds to complete and noticeably increases both the turret's firing range and rate of fire for two and three-quarter minutes. At Level 3, the Support gains the ability to use his Hack skill to 'hijack' an enemy Turret and turn it against their team. In addition to this, Level 3 Hacks take only 3 seconds to complete and greatly increase turret firing range and rate of fire for three minutes.

Level ModifiersEdit

  • Level 1
Duration: 150 seconds
Range Modifier: +512?
  • Level 2
Duration: 165 seconds
Refire Delay Reduction: 0.8x
Range Modifier: +1024?
  • Level 3
Duration: 180 seconds
Refire Delay Reduction: 0.6x
Range Modifier: +1536?


  • Hacking is achieved by holding the assigned Blue Skill button (shift by default). As you do, a time gauge appears that indicates progress. When the gauge fills and disappears, the hack is complete.
  • The Support is defenseless while hacking, so if the you come under fire, let go of the button. Though this aborts the hack, meaning you will need to try again, you will not lose any of your Hack's Skill Gauge in so doing.
  • Hacks only last a limited time. The time remaining on the hack is represented by the ".X" number hologram at the turret base, and how full the number appears to be. The emptier the number is, the less time is remaining on the hack.
  • Hijacking an enemy turret with Hack 3 takes more time than hacking a friendly turret. The time gauge that appears will show ".X" to indicate a hijack. A successful hijack will change the turret's color to reflect is altered programming.
  • Hacks normally keep with turrets as they are upgraded (Warning: this is also true of hijacked turrets). However, a Hack will not keep with a Firebase if the Support picks it up.
  • If you are planing on playing offensive, it's a good idea to hack your own Firebase as it increases it's range and fire rate, making it easier for you to score kills.


  • In the PC version of the game the Support Pro uses a keyboard to hack turrets. In Xbox 360 version, however, Support uses his wrist computer.

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