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The Handler is a quick-firing semi-automatic laser-shooting weapon that has a default magazine of 15 charges and a reload time of 1 second (if the reload gets broken after 0.66 seconds Karl is still rewarded the reload). The primary fire is hitscan and has quite high damage-per-shot, but suffers from some pretty steep damage falloff.

  • Primary fire: Fires a hitscan laser every 0.2 seconds that does 36 damage. The shots fire in a really wide spread and do full damage up to the range of 1024 and the least damage (2 damage) after the range of 2048 units.
  • Secondary fire: Fires a slow-moving energy-based projectile that explodes on contact with an enemy Pro, Bot or Turret or an Arena surface. The projectile does 125 damage and explodes in an AoE of 128 units. It will explode automatically if it doesn't hit anything for 6 seconds. The secondary fire does not consume ammo and can be used every 6 seconds.

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