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A Headshot is a one hit kill caused by shooting the head of an enemy with a Sniper Rifle. In Monday Night Combat, only the Sniper can score a headshot. Headshots can kill almost anyone (see Notes.)


Every time you headshot an enemy Pro, the Sniper will see the following:

  • An animation above the face of the enemy that you headshotted will trigger; a head silhouette target apears that's then broken with a carnival "ping" sound.
    • If the Sniper is wearing Crimson Gear, the Sniper will see a broken heart instead of a target.
  • The kill message will change from "Kill" to "Headshot" (unless the Headshot counts as part of a Kill Streak).
  • The kill icon at the top right portion of the screen will change to a "head in a crosshair" instead of the sniper rifle icon shown with a normal weapon kill.


  • Headshots are more reliable than normal kills, as they get the job done faster.
  • A Tank can survive a headshot if his Passive Skill is level 3 and he has the Gold Armor Endorsement (which is standard for the Tank).
  • A Gunner is immune to Headshots if deployed at level 3 thanks to his head shield. Despite it, shooting him a few times if he lacks a Support to heal him will encourage him to un-deploy, where his head will be vunerable while he is temporarily immobile while un-deploying.
  • There is a $25 cash bonus for a Headshot. This is in addition to any other bonuses that may be awarded for the kill (such as being part of a Kill Streak).