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For a list of Honors, see List of ProTags#Honors.
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Honors are ProTags that can be earned one time only. They are currently only available on the PC version of the game.

Date Description
Jan 25, 2011 The First Honors are added to the game. The TF2 related ProTags could be obtained by finishing a game of Blitz or Crossfire while wearing the TF2 Gear. These ProTags can only be obtained by players who own Team Fortress 2 on Steam and bought MNC before Feb 1, 2011.

The MNC Fever ProTag is added to the game. This ProTag can be obtained by killing an enemy Pro who has the MNC Fever ProTag equipped during a Crossfire match.
Feb 4, 2011 People who bought the game during the Beta period are rewarded with the ability to wear Preseason Hero gear. Wearing one then earns the player the Preseason Hero ProTag.

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