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A Tank or Gunner's Jump Jet Gauge is shown circled in red.

Jump Jets are a feature of the Tank and Gunner. Unlike the others classes, these characters feature very bulky exosuit armor that allows them to endure significant damage. However, the weight of the armor prevents them from jumping under their own power. To compensate, their armor is equipped with jets that can lift them into the air when needed. To use the Jump Jets, hold down the A button (Xbox 360) or Spacebar (Steam default).

Jump Jets can only work for a limited time. This time is indicated by a gauge located on the left edge of the scoreboard whenever a Tank or Gunner is chosen. You can stop and restart the Jets, but when the gauge empties, the Jump Jets will stop working and the Tank or Gunner will drop back down. The Jump Jet gauge will only refill once you touch the ground, but once on the ground, the gauge recharges pretty quickly.


  • Jump Jets can be engaged in midair, so they can be used to mitigate fall damage if coming down from a significant height.
  • This feature was added to prevent these Pros from bunny hopping constantly.
  • Jump Jets can be used offensively. Any enemy Pro that gets hit by the flames from your Jump Jets will catch Fire. This more commonly happens during a Deployment when the jets serve as a guard against Assassins attacking from the rear. There is no limit to the use of Jump Jets while Tanks and Gunners are Deployed because the gauge recharges faster than it is used up.

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