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The following is a list of quotes and catchphrases used by Karl in Super Monday Night Combat.

  • I'm s-s-so c-c-cold.
  • I'm c-c-cold
  • I'm... cold...
  • I'm on fire.
  • Time to "pop the cork", as they say. (2 versions)
  • Oh my, that is a rush. (2 versions)
  • Ouch! (2 versions)
  • Dear! (2 versions)
  • That's going to require stitches. (2 versions)
  • Oh my! (2 versions)
  • I quite enjoy the adrenaline fueled thrill ride that is plummeting myself. (2 versions)
  • Love the outfit. (2 versions)
  • Remember, gravity was your true adversary here. (2 versions)
  • Ugh, that took forever! Such an outtdated, inefficient way to learn. (2 versions)
  • The stimulation of mid-brain neurons via newly acquired expertise, is it's own reward. (2 versions)
  • I'll file that one away, along with my expertise at cooking, crossword puzzles and breeding rituals. (2 versions)
  • Excellent choice! (2 versions)
  • I am truly overwhelmed with empathy.
  • Your creativity, along with your religious and scientific impulse will be missed.
  • Hillarious! No, I mean tragic, very sad. I am... sad.
  • The violation of this moral standard has produced within me an effective state of inner conflict.
  • No matter how many times I take a life, it still hollows me. *whimpers*
  • Oooh! Who has gum?
  • Take consolation in the fact that we are all of one universal mind connected in a vast sea of energy.
  • Feel free to swat me on the hindquarters... Now, or at any time!
  • May you find... peace... or at least, good Mexican food.
  • Can I do the catterpillar now, or is the excessive kill celebration rules still in effect?
  • Surely the angels have him now, or possibly, one of the crowned princesses of hell. Depends on his lifestyle choices.
  • Thus far, events beyond our control, will or intention have been in direct opposition to desire of results.
  • I have destroyed their turret, diminishing both their defensive capability, and their ability to initiate controlled avalanches to stabilise areas near ski resorts. (2 versions)

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