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LaseRazor arena

LaseRazor Arena

LaseRazor Arena is one of the six Arenas in the Crossfire game mode.



  • The front turret position on each side is useless for Long Shot Turrets. Their shots will go straight into the wall.
  • Assassins can be very deadly here as it is easy to access the above level and circle around to the other Bot lane unnoticed.
  • An upgraded and hacked Firebase placed on the upper level overlooking the opposing spawn can damage both Pros and Bots alike, in addition to helping with containment of opponents in their spawn. This tactic is best used when the front lines are already near the opposing spawn. However, when using this strategy, the Support should stay near the Firebase and heal it, whilst using the Shotgun to deal with flankers, particularly Assassins.


  • The tunnels on the left of each base is a common camping spot among opposing players.
  • There are only two Ejectors on this map, but each happens to be positioned along the edges of the arena. This makes LaseRazor Arena one of the better ones for picking up Ring Outs.
  • The model for Bullseye can be seen by an Assault under the Icemen's right side. If you look at the tower that supports the bot spawn point, you'll see a ledge the Assault can access. The Bullseye you can see from here is not an actual character and cannot be damaged. It is merely an Easter egg with no gameplay functionality.
    MNC LaseRazor Top Down

    Top down view of LazeRazor Arena.


  • This arena replaced the pyramids after they went out of style.

Located in Egypt

  • On each side of the arena is a sand colored statue of two Pros (the Assault and Sniper.)