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Loco Moco Ruins
LMR SC OverviewCC
Game Mode Super Crossfire, Turbocross
Bot Lanes 2
Turrets per Team 6
Bot Spawners per Team 4
Neutral Bot Spawners 4
Jump Pads 8
Regenitol Vendors 6
Metabolightning Vendors 6
Spunky Vendors 6
Ejectors 2
Other Hazards None
Jungle Type Above lanes, covering a large part of the map.

Loco Moco is one of the first maps available in Super MNC. It was featured in the alpha teaser trailer and in the art trailer.


The jungle on this map is higher than the Bot Lane and consists of 2 levels. The Upper level is reachable by 1 Jump Pad per team, that have to be activated for $100. It is placed on the sides of the teams on the lower jungle level.

The upper level is a very small, round platform that only has the Annihilator on it.


The annihilator for Loco Moco is located on a platform, on the middle of the map. To access the platform, one must use the jumppads on either side of the jungle, or use a skill (like Assassin's Jump, Karl's Prophop).


  • The name of the map comes from a special hawaiian dish.


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