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Longshot concept art

Concept Art

The Long Shot is a type of turret used in Monday Night Combat base defense. Unlike the direct-fire Lazer Blazer and RockIt turrets, a Long Shot fires artillery attacks in a high arc, making it useful for "shelling" targets across the arena. A Long Shot's attack is similar to the Gap Shot's.

The turret costs $75 to construct on an open turret "nub." A level two upgrade costs $150, and a level three costs $300, for a total construction and upgrade cost of $525.

Attack details Edit

Long Shots will prefer to engage the closest visible enemy, targeting shots at the current position of the target. Long Shot shells do moderate "splash" damage when hitting the ground or a target, making them effective at destroying Bots even after the original target has moved on, but these turrets will struggle to do much damage to players unless they are stationary or staying in a small area.

A Long Shot will switch to a direct-fire mode when a target gets too close, turning its barrels to face the encroaching Pro or Bot and fire high-velocity shells that are difficult to dodge.

Strategy Edit

  • This turret has even less armor than a Lazer Blazer, so put it in an easily defendable spot or a quiet area.
  • A hacked Long Shot gains tremendous range and a very high rate of fire, it can make Deploying a nightmare for the Gunner/Tank and can start harrasing the opposing base.
  • When placing a Long Shot, balance two concerns: placing it far forward will put more of the map in range of the turret, but make the Long Shot harder to defend.
  • Long Shots are a generally poor construction choice on Steel Peel Arena, as the majority (or often totality) or their shots will hit the arena's sides and roof. Similarly, the high walls of LaseRazor Arena limit the number of usable places to install a Long Shot.
  • The Longshot is not able to track targets like the Jackbot when it attacks. Fast moving Pros and bots can get past it's fire unless against a Sniper standing somewhere, waiting for a kill and deployed Tanks/Gunners.