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The Lunge is an 'extra' ability of the Assassin, triggered by pressing Reload while holding the Dagger or Sword. The Lunge makes the Assassin dash forward quickly, and when it connects with Pro's, Bots or Turrets, the Assassin will slash for high Melee damage. The Lunge can be quickly followed by a (Back) Grapple. The Lunge has a cooldown of about two seconds, which does not regenerate during a grapple. If you Lunge-grapple a Pro, you cannot Lunge immediately afterwards.

The Lunge is also a good tool to get away quickly; Lunge away from enemies and behind corners to make a quick getaway. This can be very useful when your Smoke Bomb is still on cooldown. Watch out though, you will stand still when you finish your lunge, and you will be easier to hit. Lunging will break your Cloak, like any other attack.

Advanced TacticsEdit

- The Lunge can be a very effective way to travel quickly. Lunge off the edge of a platform to make a long lunge forwards. This is also dangerous: You can easily launch yourself off the stage if you're not careful. Use the ability to make sharp turns during the lunge to turn away from edges. However, you cannot change direction in the air.

- Lunge can be used as a tool to quickly get behind Pro's. Lunge past them, turn around quickly and grapple. If you do it right, you can grapple Pro's from behind, even if they have spotted you. Lunging and forward-grappling weak classes like Snipers and Assassins, even with Lv 3 Health Endosements. Lunge higher health classes like Gunners, Supports and Assaults from behind, followed by a back-grapple will usually kill them, even with lower Health endorsements. You can kill Tanks with Armor endorsements when you have the Sword this way, too.

- When Juiced, you can use the Lunge to quickly change between targets. After destroying one Turret, lunge towards the next one. The slash will deal high damage, and you can immediately resume attacking. Be careful with lunging in range of too many Turrets.

- If you use Lunge right and often, you can keep attacking and kill Pro's even if your grapple is on cooldown.

- The Lunge keeps you moving, even when you trigger a Freeze Trap from a Sniper. You can lunge at an unsuspecting Sniper, expecting that his traps will stop enemies in their tracks, and backgrapple them, even if you've triggered his trap. By the time you're done with your grapple, the Freeze effect is over, and you will only be slowed down for a short moment. Be careful though, if you miss your grapple, you will still be stuck for the trap duration. You cannot lunge when you're already frozen, either, so lunge before you get trapped.

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