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The featured articles archive is where all the good articles go to once another featured article takes their place on the Main Page. Eventually, it will grow into a big list of articles that is very informative and ensures quality reading.

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SMNC Hotshot Megabeth Portrait
Megabeth is a Striker class Pro added in the 24th Rule Change. She is a Japanese clone from a separate league, fights like a roller-derby Blocker, and favors horizontal mobility (speed) over the vertical mobility employed by the Assault and Karl.

Her attacks favor aiming around corners or at tightly-clustered groups of bots or Pros, as her rockets deal significant splash damage, and her Bearing Hates and Derby Disku attacks ricochet off of map surfaces and enemies. Megabeth has 900 base health and has the same basic attributes (like speed, jump height, grapple damage, etc.) as other Strikers. Read more »

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July 8, 2012 - ??? Edit

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