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Multikills happen when a Pro succeeds at killing three or more enemy Pros within four seconds of their first kill. They earn the player extra money and ProTags.


  • The highest Multikill you can get, is a 6 Kill Multikill, which also earns you a Highlight.
  • You earn a Highlight for a 3 Kill Multikill, 4 Kill Multikill, 5 Kill Multikill, and a 6 Kill Multikill.
  • There is also an Achievement for a 3 Kill Multikill


3 Kill Multikill = "Triple"
4 Kill Multikill = "Round the Horn"
5 Kill Multikill = "5 Time"
6 Kill Multikill = "All Time Great"


  • To get a high Multikill, a suggested, but rare way to get it, is on GrenADE III Arena, when the whole enemy team is hitting Bullseye, use an Ejector.
  • Another strategy is on the Ammo Mule Arena. If you wait until there are a lot of the other team in the middle building just run in Juiced. if you are a Gunner or an Assault then your gunfire will be almost instant kills to everyone in there.