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Over-heal is additional health that goes beyond a Pro's maximum health capacity, providing a buffer against attack. It can be given by Supports to their allies with the Heal/Hurt Gun. It is displayed on the HUD as a white bar overlapping the target's regular green health bar.


In addition to over-healing allies, the Support can also over-heal Turrets, Firebases, and all Bots but the Jackbot XL. Although fully over-healing a target will completely cover their standard green health bar with a white health bar, the bonus health provided by a full over-heal is only equal to 50% of the target's actual health capacity. The over-healed health will gradually degrade even if no damage is taken, quickly returning a Pro, Turret or Bot to standard health.


  • Over-heals pay off when using them on target with naturally high health (like a Tank).
  • Supports often over-heal Turrets and passing teammates at their base as a way of procuring Juice with minimal risk.
  • Do not heal Assassins unless they need to be healed, as they can be seen while Cloaked.
  • You cannot over-heal until the target's original health has been restored.