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Overtime occurs during a Crossfire match only when the game timer runs out and both Money Balls remain at equal strength. This usually occurs if neither team manages to damage the other's Money Ball during regulation time. During Overtime (normally two minutes, but this can be changed by the host), both Money Balls' shields stay down, and only JackBot XL bots spawn (the Bot Spawner will also be disabled).

If Overtime ends with both Money Balls still intact, then the team that damages the other's Money Ball more is the winner. In the event both Money Balls are at the same strength, then the team with the higher cumulative earnings is declared the winner. Should a host decide not to implement Overtime (by setting Overtime to 0), then cumulative earnings becomes the tiebreaker once regulation time expires.



During this frenzied scramble classes that can move around quickly such as Assault's with their jet packs can fly over and use their Grenade Launcher & Bombs to chip away the health, while tougher classes can help the JackBots advance. Assassins can use their Cloak to make lightining raids on the Moneyball. Any damage you can inflict can be crucial as Overtime ticks away. A common strategy is for several Pros to build or buy Juice and then all use it in a mad rush to the Money Ball.


The Support can be crucial to defending as the Firebase turrets can distract JackBots and take out enemy Pros. The Heal/Hurt Gun can heal the units such as the Gunner while they whittle away the JackBots health along with other Pros. Assassins and Snipers can protect the base by taking out other Pros or by grappling the Jackbots. Also, turrets are important to help ease the pressure of the attacks.

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