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Laser Railgun symbol transparent
Pro's Information
Used by: Tank
Slot: Secondary
Weapon Information
Ammo Type: Bullet
Alternate Fire: Grapple
The Railgun is the Tank's secondary weapon, using electromagnetic forces to fire a large bullet slug. It does high damage, has a long range, and is very accurate, but has a slow-to-moderate rate of fire. The weapon is hitscan, meaning outside of lag, the weapon will hit enemies at all ranges instantly. Its shots are very high velocity and can penetrate enemy Pros, Bots, and Turrets. All these factors make it a very good long range weapon. Like all secondary weapons, its alternate fire is a grapple, but unlike all other secondary weapon grapples, it has the ability to throw enemy Pros. If you plan on using the Railgun a lot, it is recommended to use a Rate of Fire endorsement with this is, to compensate for it's slow fire rate.