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Ray Gun
Pro's Information
Used by: Captain Spark
Slot: Secondary
Weapon Information
Ammo Type: Projectile
Damage Type: Explosive
Alternate Fire: Grapple

The Ray Gun is the side-arm and Secondary weapon of Captain Spark in Super Monday Night Combat. It appears as a small, metal-and-team-colored pistol, in the style of energy weapon in 1950's pulp science-fiction comic books.

The Ray Gun has a moderate rate-of-fire, quick reload, and no damage fall-off, but the projectiles have a travel time, unlike the 'instantaneous' shots of a more traditional gun. The projectiles explode on contact with a target or with an Arena surface, causing a small amount of splash damage that can hurt Captain Spark at close ranges.

The alternate attack for the Ray Gun is a stationary Grapple attack that knocks foes to the floor. This grapple is preferable to the Flip Switch attack when multiple team members are grappling the same victim.

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