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A Ring Out is when a player successfully knocks another Pro off the map. An additional $50 is awarded for this type of kill, meaning that kill is worth $75. If a Ring Out is performed, an "Outta My House" ProTag is earned. The first time a player performs a Ring Out in a Crossfire match, the "Outta My House" Achievement is unlocked.


  • Skills which can disperse enemies, such as the Assault's Charge (before level 3 unless airborne), the Tank's Jet Charge, and the Gunner's Slam, are useful for easy Ring Outs.
  • Throwing grapples, like the Tank's Railgun alternate grapple, the Sniper's level 2 Grapple, and the Gunner's level 3 Grapple, are conducive to ring-outs with proper positioning. The Assault's level 3 Charge also produces a throwing grapple, but you generally will get a kill instead of a Ring Out unless the character is tough, overhealed, or has an Armor Endorsement.
  • Assault bombs have large knockback which many times lead to Ring Outs.
  • The Ejector can be a useful tool. Best if used when the enemy is near the edge of the Ejector's radius.
  • Note that the kill from a Ring Out is awarded to whom or whatever did the last damage to the pro- Keep this in mind when tossing away enemies near bots or selfish teammates!