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Rockit turret lvl 1

A level 1 Rock-It turret.

The RockIt is a type of turret used in Monday Night Combat base defense. The most expensive type of turret to purchase and upgrade, RockIts fire explosive rockets at nearby enemies. At the start of every Crossfire match, each team starts of with a pair of Level 1 RockIt Turrets to provide early defense against the early waves of bots, they're located near your Moneyball. (Steam version of the game gets a pair of free Level 2 RockIt Turrets per team instead of a Level 1) however this is not provided in Blitz.

RockIt turrets cost $150 to construct on an open turret "nub." A level two upgrade costs $300, and a level three costs $600, for a total construction and upgrade cost of $1050.

Attack details Edit

A RockIt's attack travels at high speed (which increases with higher upgrade levels) and does a minor amount of "splash" damage in the area of impact. The damage done by this turret is higher than any other turret in the game, as reflected in the RockIt's price. A RockIt additionally has the second-highest armor (after the ShaveIce), making it an ideal front-line turret.

Fully Hacked Level 3 RockIts are extremely

Strategy Edit

  • Because of their high cost, RockIts need to be protected to be worth the investment. Purchasing a RockIt only to then run off and leave it behind is likely a waste of $150.
  • A hacked RockIt -- even at level 1 -- can attack the "tunnel" area of LaseRazor Arena, making it an effective counter to early "rush" tactics that abuse the defense offered by the tunnel.
  • A gunner's mortar launcher is highly effective against rock-it turrets. Beware of rush strategies where a gunner can position himself outside of the base and shell the turret to destruction. If this is done early in the match your team will be in a state of disarray trying to defend yourselves from bots and pros.


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