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Today’s update is mainly about fixing the crash. Wascot has been turned back on. Triskaidekaphobia part deux. 13th Pro for the 13th update.

New Rules

  • Wascot available again.

Balance Changes

  • Churros: Health Given: 500 -> 250
  • Bacon: Health Given: 2500 -> 1250
  • Spawn Rooms: Health Given: 500 -> 200
  • Regenitol Machines: Duration of Health Recovery: 12 -> 15
  • Health Recovery: <Commandos, Snipers>/<Strikers, Defenders>/<Enforcers>: 90/110/160 -> 70/90/130

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the animation of using Annihilator or Ejector so that it correctly cancels if you are pushed or knocked back while using it.
  • Fixed server crash when a Wascot that is using Shifty Shuffle grapples another Wascot that is using the Shifty Shuffle.
  • SMNC Replays will show up again.

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