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Blitz is now open for everyone! Because of everyone's amazing feedback, we feel ready to make Super Blitz available to everyone!

New Rules

  • Blitz is now open to everyone.
  • Added "Super Blitz Best" to stats for the best round attained in Super Blitz.
  • Added "Super Blitz Best" to all individual Pro stats for the best round attained in Super Blitz with that Pro.
  • Added "Blitz" category for Products.
  • Added Artemis to Training Camp targets.
  • Added new GG Blitz VO.
  • Blitz Combat Credit reward increased by 267%.
  • Blitz XP reward increased by 600%.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Blitz Tokens being reset when you respawn.
  • Fixed being able to get more than 5 players into a Blitz round.
  • Fixed music being triggered multiple times during Blitz mini games.
  • Fixed flair, weapons, and taunts being mixed up in Blitz if multiple players used the same uniform.
  • Fixed Blitz Post-Game Prizes from never dropping.

Super Blitz

  • Added much more difficult bot rounds after round 60.


  • New Bundle: Blitz 10


  • Buzzers: Speed: 1500 -> 1000
  • Buzzers: Damage: 750 -> 600


  • New Product: Massive Blitz: 100% Air Control and much higher jump - Blitz Only
  • New Product: Massive Juice: +25% Rate of Fire while juiced and much faster juice gain rate. - Blitz Only
  • New Product: Bot Scrambler: All bots targeting you will stop when juice is used and you can not be the target of bots until juice has ended. - Blitz Only


  • Blitz Skewer I: Fixed weapon doing far lower damage than intended.


  • Blitz Dagger I: Fixed typo in name.
  • Blitz Dagger I: Fixed upgrading to a non-Blitz sword resulting in no weapon.

Captain Spark

  • Blitz Voltage Spike I: Fixed weapon doing far lower damage than intended.
  • New Uniform: Blitz Captain Spark


  • New Uniform: Blitz Cheston

Combat Girl

  • New Uniform: Blitz Combat Girl


  • Blitz Minigun I: Fixed upgrading to a non-Blitz Dual Minigun resulting in no weapon.


  • New Uniform: Blitz Karl


  • New Uniform: Blitz Wascot

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