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New FeaturesEdit

  • Players must login with their UberNet credentials when entering the game
  • Chat boxes added to Pre-Game Lobby, in game chat, post game chat
  • Chat Members now show in Panel to the right of chat
  • Firebase will now prioritize players being slowed by the Support’s hurt beam and then players shooting at the Support
  • Support’s “Over Clock” skill now increases the fire rate and range of only the Firebase, is instantly used and can be used from anywhere in the game
  • The Hurt side of the Heal/Hurt gun now uses ammo and must be reloaded when depleted.
  • Veteran Ka-Claw now consumes half the skill when fired and the other half if the Ka-Claw grabs a victim and does it all with a new visual effect
  • Made the front-most turrets in Loco Moco Arena level 2 Lazer Blazers
  • New grapple variation for Karl
  • New Juice mechanic. Juice is earned by taking damage and it builds up a meter at the bottom of the HUD, similar to MNC Classic. Buying Juice from Spunky vending machines will give you 25% of your juice bar
  • Base turrets can no longer be upgraded
  • Added voice chat indicators to see who’s talking
  • Added a cap to the length of the chat bar
  • Added kill zones to some extraneous, landable areas outside the arena
  • Stunning a grappler with Karl’s Short Circuit will now break the grapple

Balance and AdjustmentsEdit

  • Assault: Increased base air speed
  • Assault: Increased Fly speed at all upgrade levels of Fly
  • Assault: Reduced spread of zoomed Assault Rifle
  • Assault: Increased movement speed while zoomed in on Assault Rifle
  • Assault: Removed spread increase
  • Karl: Reduced Handler Weapon magazine size
  • Assassin: Decreased cooldowns of all Assassin’s skills
  • Assassin: Decreased time to cloak on cloak skill
  • Assassin: Increased the duration and critical shot multiplier Assassin gets coming out of cloak
  • Assassin: Increased Smoke Bomb radius at upgrade level 1 and 2.
  • Assassin: Increased the slow effect from Smoke Bomb
  • Assassin: Increased the base speed, decreased the speed increases via level
  • Veteran: Decreased cooldowns on all Grapples
  • Veteran: Increased damage done by Falcon weapon
  • Gunslinger: All levels of the Gun Flurry now have the same range
  • Gunslinger: Decreased Gun Flurry damage
  • Gunslinger: Changed Knee Cap ranges so that upgrade level 1 and 2 are the same and only increase at level 3
  • Gunslinger: Increased the amount of slow applied from the Knee Cap ability
  • Gunslinger: Increased and normalized the duration of Knee Cap slow
  • Combat Girl: Can no longer heal base turrets
  • Combat Girl: Reduced health of Combat Kitties
  • Combat Girl: Increased cooldown of Combat Laser
  • Juice: Removed the fire rate bonus
  • Juice: Decreased Juice health recovery bonus
  • RockIt Turrets: Increased the health
  • Reduced bonus money for First Blood, Ring Outs, Headshots and Grapple Kills
  • Support: Removed damage fall-off from Firebase
  • Sniper: Reduced Flak damage
  • Sniper: Reduced effective range of the SMG
  • Chickey: Increased health
  • Bouncers now spawn sooner
  • Decreased the maximum amount of armor
  • Tank: Increased the minimum damage on the Jet Gun

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed Bouncers and Gremlins in the upper areas not having neutral team color
  • Fixed an issue where the turret shields would appear when you rejoin a game
  • Fixed Team Vision not rendering properly with teammates
  • Fixed key binds for purchasing skill in the skill picker not working
  • Fixed headshots from scoring a headshot when it shouldn’t be
  • Fixed players being able to stand on geometry outside the arena
  • Made it harder for characters with multiple grapples to grapple and instantly grapple again
  • Fixed an issue that caused the jump height and the slow from Tank’s level 4 deploy to be different
  • Fixed being able to grapple enemies out of a charge
  • Fixed the Veteran camera being lower than it should be
  • Fixed bug where Tank’s Jet Gun wasn’t being affected by the offensive passive
  • Fixed some pathing issues in the middle of the map that caused Chickey and Mascot to path oddly or not path at all

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