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Short update on this Friday. Mostly to fix Karl's new Valentine's Day uniform and a few common crashes. Enjoy!

New Rules

  • Suiciding now adds 30 seconds to your respawn timer. (edit: This only applies the the suicide console command)
  • Pros can no longer stand on vending machines.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Annihilator VO from sometimes stating incorrectly that the Hotshots used it.
  • Fixed Pros from sinking into the ground on certain clients after a grapple throw.
  • Fixed a couple of common client crashes related to particle systems.
  • Fixed issues with changing key bindings during matches.
  • Fixed menu music returning after unlocking a taunt causing music taunts to overlap.


  • Cloak: Drain: 6.7/5.8/5/4.2 -> 12/7.2/5/4.2
  • Shuriken/Sword: Cloak Drain per attack: 1.5/4 -> 2.25/6


  • Fixed Tank lines sometimes being spoken after an assist.

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