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This update is mainly to help out with the massive influx of new players. We are introducing a new training mode. This mode matches you with a team and puts you in a Super Crossfire game without an enemy team. Training mode gives out greatly reduced Combat Credits and XP but provides players with the opportunity to learn the game and help each other learn. There is a much bigger training mode coming later. Practice games are now Custom Games that will require 10 players to start and the game options will expand in the future.

New Rules

  • Added Training Mode
  • Practice Mode has been replaced with Custom Game mode.
  • Only the team leader can invite in Custom Game mode.
  • Friend list will now sort alphabetically.
  • All of the Starburst and Twilight weapons have been retired and marked as 'Classic'. They will appear in gold text if you own one and will be marked as classic in the description. Congratulations, you now have a rare weapon!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Mascot music not playing.
  • Fixed Chickey Cantor music not playing.
  • Fixed team selection in Custom Games from not being respected.
  • Fixed region counter not being able to display past 999.
  • Fixed the high amount of light reflection on TF2 items.


  • Death Dodger: Fixed incorrect data in the description.
  • Health Inverter: Life Steal Amount: 0.25 -> 0.1

Downtown Spunky Arena

  • Continued art improvements.


  • Cardboard Tube Samurai: Fixed descriptions of Sword and Dagger.

Combat Girl

  • Combat Healer: Base Money: 0.0625 -> 0.025
  • Combat Healer: Fixed issue that caused it to not connect to Slims.


  • New Uniform: Gentleman Karl.


  • Heal Gun: Base Heal Money: 0.25 -> 0.1
  • Heal Gun: Fixed issue that caused it to not connect to Slims.

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