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Early update this week as we try to pace things out before our big PAX East showing. Thus the smaller update this week. Next update will be our normal, and maybe even greater, chock-full update with lots of new content.

New Rules

  • Free Pro Rotation: Assassin, Assault, Cheston, Karl, Gunner, Support
  • Teams will now match against other teams with a size of +/- 1.
  • Selecting cosmetic items in your locker room inventory will now update the pro preview.
  • Pros are now in the player's inventory screen.
  • Metabolightning Vending Machines: Speed Duration 20 -> 15
  • Metabolightning Vending Machines: Cost 150 -> 250
  • Money for leveling up to level 15 now in line with previous levels: 9100 -> 9220
  • Added in Skill Picking VO

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players getting comeback rewards after fewer than 3 straight deaths.
  • Fixed header string for boost unlocking.


  • Can't Slow This: Fixed description
  • Can't Stun This: Fixed description

Bullet Gorge Arena

  • Fixed an area that allowed players to get stuck in floor.

Downtown Spunky Arena

  • Updated Bot spawner barriers.


  • Optimization to Bot's visual effects


  • Knee Cap: Range 2048/2048/2560/2560 -> 1792/2048/2304/2560


  • Handler Alt Fire: Damage 150 -> 125


  • Added new voice


  • Fireball Uniform: Added new head.
  • MNC Vet Uniform: Updated the face to match the Tank's default face.
  • Outland Uniform: Updated lips.


  • Added new voice

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