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Update 5 is a small update to fix some obvious inequalities in the Endorsements system. We have gone through all the Endorsements and created a base line approximate 10% bonus if fully stacked. We are going to be iterating on the system and the balance as we get feedback from the beta testers. This update also contains a few bug fixes.


  • Reduced all endorsements to give approximately a 10% bonus.
  • Fixed text to show proper bonuses for each Endorsement.
  • Fixed rename button from being disabled when unlocking a new Endorsement set.
  • Fixed display of the total Endorsement bonus to always show the total bonus.
  • Fixed mispelling of ‘Critical’ in the endorsements screen.


  • Fixed Pain Train from doing damage twice

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash bug with using invalid characters in chat.
  • Fixed skill picker not closing at the end of a match.

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